Use service design to exceed the customer's expectations


Almost all companies compete for customer’s money. In most cases, the customer can afford to choose from many different options or not buy at all. A variety of things happen around the product or service itself, which affects the customer’s experience and purchase decision. Even if the product is superb, the customer may not be able to find it. Or there is a lot of interest in the company’s operations, but for some reason, the customers don’t buy. You can use service design to understand and shape the big picture and the customer’s perspective.  The aim is to pimp up the operations of the company so that the customer’s expectations are exceeded, in which case they are ready to remain customers and recommend it to others as well.

Service design provides information on (potential) clientele and their wishes. The process starts with defining a challenge or problem, and only then the solutions are sought. Knowing what works well or not so well in the service path can bring about major positive changes even with small adjustments. Because qualitative research means, such as interviewing customers, are used, service design makes it possible to get to know customers’ perspectives even in a small company.

In service design, business development takes place in a process-oriented manner. Once the most important problem has been discovered, the company will start brainstorming solutions that will be tested, for example, with the help of prototypes. After that, the company is likely to return to the design table. In most cases, service design is carried out in teams, allowing the use of many people’s individual skills, experience and different perspectives.

In the EntreFox project, we will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to implement their own company’s service design project in early 2021. The participants will receive professional guidance and the support and expertise of the group members for a few months.  Part of operations takes place in Zoom, so participation is not tied to the place as long as your company address is in Uusimaa. We will be moving quickly from theory to practice, and the aim is to make concrete use of the means of service design in own business operations.

Join us and implement a service design project for your company that promotes your company’s productivity or the well-being of your employees! The activities are free of charge and open to all entrepreneurs aged 55+ and to persons working in SMEs. We work in two languages, Finnish and English. We will start our activities in March 2021. More information will be coming soon, stay tuned!