Prow towards the future


It’s nice to return to work in August when the batteries have been charged over the summer and the thoughts are back in the coming fall. For an entrepreneur, a relaxed mind during the summer vacation may bring up a lot of new ideas for developing the company’s operations or services.

The starting points for the development of business and services can vary quite widely. Sometimes there is a clear need to develop new services to better meet customer needs. Sometimes the starting point can also be the need to make work more efficient, for example by utilizing digital solutions. The need for self-fulfillment and the strengthening of the relevance of work can also be an incentive to launch new development projects.

Digitalization offers opportunities for business development, but seizing the opportunities requires an understanding of the solutions available. During the planning phase of a project, it is also important to remember that the world does not have to be completed at once. It is better to define a clear and sufficiently small entity that can be implemented. The subject of development may be, for example, the publication of e-commerce, the development of digital communications or the modernization of the service channel to be more digital. It is not necessarily worth doing everything alone, but you can search for suitable partners if necessary.

The vitality of the new idea should also be considered at the design stage. What are the future trends and will the development of the company’s operations go according to future trends or against the mainstream? A trend refers to a long-term development direction that is relatively easy to trace or predict. A megatrend, on the other hand, is a single phenomenon or a set of multiple trends that dominates the direction of the future.

Sitra raises the following as future megatrends:

  1. Ecological reconstruction is in a hurry!
  2. The population is aging and diversifying
  3. Network power is gaining momentum
  4. Technology blends into everything
  5. The economic system is looking for its direction

Behind each trend lies complex developments, which can be found in more detail in Sitra’s materials. In Sitra’s study, megatrends in the light of the corona situation is expected to continue to provide surprises. It is not possible to prepare for all surprises, but it is possible to build society and companies to be more sustainable.
How does your work take into account the surprises of the future and the sustainable perspective of reforming the company?

At EntreFox’s digital pilots, we work together with entrepreneurs to develop a planned project. Digital pilots include both training and consulting as needed by the company. The training may be related to, for example, the takeover of a new program or the use of social media in corporate communications. Consulting can involve, for example, the acquisition of a new system, expert analysis of a website, the development of a social media strategy and annual clock, or the creation of a new digital service.

Please contact us if you need a partner to carry out your development project. More information about digital pilots can be found on our website.

A warm end of the summer and success for your future projects!


Marika Säisä
EntreFox Project Manager

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Originally posted on the 24th of August, 2021