Promoting well-being and productivity at work


A healthy entrepreneur is the heart of the company. Well-being at work is of great importance to a company’s competitiveness, financial performance, and reputation. Well-designed investments in well-being at work can pay for themselves in multiples.

Studies show that well-being at work has a significant positive relationship with corporate productivity, profits, customer satisfaction, lower employee turnover, sick leave, and accidents. (Working life 2020,

So it’s not exactly the same as how an entrepreneur can. In September, an interest in one’s own well-being and perhaps a concern for one’s own endurance inspired 11 entrepreneurs in our workshops, which aim to develop well-being at work and promote work productivity.

The atmosphere in the workshop was relaxed and enthusiastic. After the morning coffee, the space was filled with a nice and enthusiastic gabble. Lecturer Reetta Raitoharju, an expert in health technology, and lecturer Annukka Myllymäki, an expert in physiotherapy, had arrived to spar entrepreneurs from Turku University of Applied Sciences. In addition, two Turku University of Applied Sciences Master School students, Jaana Krankka and Merja Nolvi, and physiotherapy student Teemu Hyyti participated in the planning and implementation of the workshop. Jaana and Merja first opened up the concepts and area of ​​well-being at work and personally guided the participants in drawing up a well-being at work plan and supporting its implementation.

Annukka and Teemu told the participants about the possibilities of the sports laboratory. Workshop participants will be offered the opportunity to test their ability to function in a sports laboratory and receive a Firstbeat Well-Being Analysis. Well-being analysis describes the adequacy of recovery and helps identify stress factors at work and in leisure. In addition, participants were offered a heart rate monitor to wear on their wrists for six months.

The next meeting of the workshop is in December. In this case, we review the results of the physical measurements together with the participants and return to our own plans for well-being at work. It’s exciting to hear; what thoughts participants now have after these measurements and perhaps whether their own perception of well-being at work or experience has changed. In the future, the goal is to maintain communication between the group also through workshops using an electronic work environment. We will take part in this with the help of a future health technology engineering student.

The work of one group to promote well-being at work will take place for six months. There are three workshops for one group.

Follow our group coverage on our blog posts. We will launch the next workshop in April 2020.
If you are interested, welcome aboard!


Katja Heikkinen

Originally posted on the 3rd of December, 2019


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