EntreFox supports the careers and well-being of entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship who are over the age of 55. Tremendous life experience, as well as extensive social networks, provide individual resources and a significant competitive advantage in the corporate world.

We provide you with digitization, business expertise and new networks to improve your company’s competitiveness. Also, we offer means to improve one’s well-being to ensure the best possible outcome. With the platforms we offer, we will find the best ways to achieve your goals!

Our project is especially aimed at Southwest Finland and Uusimaa regions, however, the effects will be visible throughout the country in the longer term. We support lifelong learning and also invest in extensive international cooperation to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The project began operations in April 2019 and will continue until June 2022. It is implemented by Turku University of Applied Sciences, the National Institute of Occupational Health and the University of Helsinki. The project is funded by the European Social Fund.